Antipersonnel Demining Innovation

Using Space Rover Technology

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Announcing "Demining Rover PE1"
and the Story That Brought It into Being

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Our Next Steps

An estimated three months of work remain to complete the design and field testing of Demining Rover PE1. Upon approval, duplicate Rovers can be manufactured and put into use in Cambodia and then globally. These goals will be completed in the following four stages.

Stage 1—Finalize
Stage 2—Cambodia
Stage 3—Manufacture
Stage 4—Global Use

Finalize design, upgrade existing components and batteries, and test the PE1 in Harvard, Illinois.

Under the auspices of the Cambodian government’s branch of Mine Action (CMAC), field test the PE1 in active minefields.

After the concept Rover is tested and approved, duplicate Rovers will then be made from locally sourced materials in Cambodia.


Some material will need to be imported, but more than 90 percent may be made from raw steel.


As a result, local manufacturing, remote-operator, and related jobs will be created for those maimed by land mines.

Once the PE1 is successfully demining in Cambodia,

Gary Christ will connect with demining representatives in other countries affected by land mines to put the PE1 into use throughout the world.

Visit today, to help us reach these exciting goals with Demining Rover PE1.


Together we can help land-mine victims bring safety, peace, and prosperity to our next generation.



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